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We are located on Parliament street, just inside the archway between Daniel Footwear and the Nationwide. Look for the black door on the left.

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Painful Souls?

December 11, 2013

Experiencing Pain?Feet

Pain from corns and calluses under the foot, and also pain from arthritic joints, nerve entrapment and biomechanical problems can be helped and in some cases resolved by insoles and shoe inserts. I can prescribe and fit corrective shoe inserts for you, and can manufacture cushioning and deflective insoles to accommodate your lumps and bumps!

Prices vary widely depending on what is needed, but cushioning soles are usually £10-15, and corrective shoe inserts range from £10-75.

If cold feet are your problem, ask about thermal soles  – these cost £4 and will keep your feet toasty for around 3 months.


October 24, 2013

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