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We are located at The Harrogate Podiatry Rooms, 25 Haywra Street, Harrogate Hg1 5BJ

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Frequently Asked Questions


October 28, 2013

Links to some useful websites

I have no financial links with any of these companies and accept no responsibility for  any problems between you and them, but they are all reputable and have provided a good service in the past.
If you do have a problem please let me know via the Contact Page, and I will consider removing them from the site.

Cosyfeet – Shoes, slippers and sandals for swollen feet –  http://www.cosyfeet.com/

Cheerfulsoles – Shoes for problem feet – http://www.cheerfulsoles.co.uk/

Simply Feet – Orthopaedic shoes – http://www.simplyfeet.co.uk/

The short answer – there is no difference!question

I qualified as a State Registered Chiropodist, but my B.Sc is in Podiatric Medicine – confusing!  Podiatrist was originally the American term, and chiropodist the UK term.  Rather confusingly we now use both, although it is becoming the norm that Chiropody refers to nail and skin work, and Podiatry to biomechanical assessment and orthotic provision.  Look for someone who is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, and to be sure they have completed a 3 year university course, look for someone who has a B.Sc qualification.